And It Took Two Years
And It Took Two Years

And It Took Two Years

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What happens when a Type A, Ultra-Competitive Personality crashes and burns?

What happens when that same guy faces going from the racetrack to the rocking chair?

How does THAT guy transform his entire life and become a Buddhist, Reiki Master, and Certified Massage Therapist?

AND does it in TWO years!

In this inspiring, life-affirming, true story find how THAT guy learned to overcome his resistance to change in just TWO years.

That GUY is author Scott Spiess, who upon being diagnosed with a serious heart condition; took a two-year journey to transform his entire life. Opening his mind, body, and spirit to wherever the Universe led him, Scott accepted whatever opportunities got placed in front of him.

The end result: Scott freed himself so much so that now he does volunteer work and helps others succeed. He is paying it forward to readers everywhere with It Took Two Years.