Costco as You Like It

Costco as You Like It

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Old Fashioned Romance, Lovers United, and Literal Drama Collide

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Boy meets girl, girl meets boy—and everyone around them meet in this romantic comedy of errors where hearts melt and love abounds. Costco as You Like It takes readers into the worlds of a lonely librarian named Paul and an equally lonely school drama teacher and counselor named Maddie. A chance meeting in Costco over a table loaded with books and a few calamities later, and this match made of the minds and hearts ignites into a romantic ruse sure to delight readers everywhere.

While Maddie and Paul “fail to launch” out of self-induced stage right and the belief that love only happens in fairy tales, not their lives, these two star-crossed lovers find their lives somehow coming together over a proposed Arts Center. Maddie exerts all her thespian prowess to convince residents that a civic arts center is practical and prudent. Incognito, she plays the part of Gaylord (aka Ganymede from Shakespeare’s As You Like It) to succeed. By performing a play to raise money and awareness for community folks, Gaylord (aka Maddie) becomes a hidden gift for Paul. However, is is the case with most things in life (and even fairy tales) nothing works out quite as planned.

About the Author

A teacher for the past 38 years, Casey Giffen lives in Hughson, California with his wife. They have four grown boys, three grandchildren, two golden retrievers, and one tabby cat—just the way he likes it. Writing has always been analogous to discovering golden ideas. He enjoys writing poetry, prose, and post-its in order to discover the hidden stories everyone wants to tell. Costco As You Like It is his first novel.