Insider's Guide to Invisalign Treatment (DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY)

Insider's Guide to Invisalign Treatment (DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY)

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Do you really know what to look for in your Invisalign® treatment plans? After reading this book, you will never look at a ClinCheck® plan the same! Unleash the power of virtual treatment planning using the ClinCheck® software by using Dr. Glaser’s revolutionary methods to re­train your eyes and mind to look at your ClinCheck® treatment plans in an entirely new way – as force systems, not teeth.


  • A simple-to-follow, 10-step method to ClinCheck® design
  • How to “over-engineer” your ClinCheck® plans to achieve excellent results
  • How to recognize potential treatment pitfalls before they occur
  • How to save valuable time with efficient, comprehensive virtual treatment planning
  • How to troubleshoot common problems encountered during Invisalign® treatment
  • How to achieve consistently excellent results in a wide variety of malocclusions

In this rapidly evolving orthodontic marketplace, Invisalign® clear aligner therapy can help keep your practice competitive and fuel future growth. Dr. Glaser will show you how to achieve excel­lence with Invisalign® clear aligners to keep your practice on the cutting edge!