Love in the Time of Corona - EBOOK

Love in the Time of Corona - EBOOK

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The Virus that Changed Romance

            The world tilted on its axis in March 2020. The life we knew transformed overnight into this crazy, new world—one that none of us were prepared for. People were getting sick with the novel corona virus, and some were dying. Our state and federal leaders asked us to stay home, use “social distancing” if we needed to go out, wear masks and gloves, and most importantly to not touch anyone. None of that boded well for human beings who need touch and love to thrive and even boost our immune systems through things like sex, which is known to make us healthier.

            If you were single and trying to meet someone to date or in a relationship or married and stuck at home with nowhere to go, how were you supposed to carry on? Love and romance suddenly had its own challenges when people were being discouraged from touching or going out. No one wants to be the one who accidently spreads COVID-19 or any other infectious disease to friends and family when someone could die.

            We’re here to tell you that “love in the time of corona” is still possible. We sat down and put our creative heads together to come up with ways where singles can still meet and date prospects and stay connected, and couples can still connect and have fun going out. Corona doesn’t need to be the death of romance. We’re going to share lots of tips and tricks to stay connected and intimate, and even try all-new, spiced-up adventures you might want to enjoy even when the quarantine lifts.

            So sit back in your warm, cozy “self-sheltering” home and learn all about ways to keep it interesting and adventurous in and out of the bedroom.