Tales of a Northern California Bumpkin

Tales of a Northern California Bumpkin

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“Roses still bring pleasant thoughts to mind, with the exception of the feel of thorns—a feeling I am familiar with thanks to, of course, Sonny, who pushed me into the old, solid base of the shrub.” ~ Dorothy “Sis” Miller

In that quote alone you can experience both the revelry and brilliance of Dorothy’s memories along with her sweet sense of humor. Tales of a Country Bumpkin takes the readers on a lovely tour of Dorothy’s young life growing up in the Dry Creek area near old Roseville, California. This endearing memoir is filled with delightful stories about a big family full of love, laughter, and a touch of mischief.

Through the eyes of little “Sis” the reader discovers a forgotten life where real bugs became a source of entertainment and hay bales turned into forts. Nothing in Sis’ surroundings didn’t offer some sort of delight for her and brothers and sisters to explore. Whether it was going “frogging” or discovering the scary wonders of her “Grampa’s” old house, Sis’ imagination turned everything into magic.

Tales of a Country Bumpkin is a time portal to another era—a simpler one. It draws readers into the finely described life of children in the 1940s and opens the eyes to a wondrous life filled with family, fun, and adventure.