The Illustrated Hen
The Illustrated Hen

The Illustrated Hen

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Detectives, Mysteries, Physical Laws of the Universe

Upended, Vampires, Scrabble Pieces Gone Missing,

Glorious Art, Toys, Van Gogh’s Starry Night,

George Seurat’s Missing Unicorn … and The Hen.

These things become the fabric of a young man’s journey toward self-discovery. The Illustrated Hen weaves a glorious, mysterious tale about Ray who has become caught in a vortex of his imagination. As Ray confronts his fears, desires, passions, even the most mundane events become curious wonders in his journey of self-realization to find a way to acceptance, peace and transformation.

The Illustrated Hen … “The Hen, supremely calm, expressed no agitation. “You will see here, in the colors, all manner of stories. From the sublime to the ridiculous, the holy, the profane, the obvious, and the arcane.” He paused, adjusting his view, taking this angle, then another, admiring the colors. “And the trick, you might ask? How does it work, you wonder? What exactly does it do? Why Mr. Burrberry, it’s an oracle, it reveals the truth – it recovers knowledge from the wellspring of universal meaning. How, exactly? Well, see here – it’s all a matter of perspective – viewed this way or that, up or down, inside or out – it’s all a matter of which side you come at it from.”